Elite Forces
About the game
dot   An intense combination of action and military strategy and tactics
dot   Control four characters whose specialized skills are well-defined:     
     the quiet and effective sniper, the fearless explosives expert,
     the brilliant hacker and the devastatingly powerful gunner.
dot   You work strategically uniting your forces into a squad when
     enemy forces outnumber you, or can control one character at
     a time for greater tactical moves.
dot   Pursue your enemies around the world through detailed 3D environments.
dot   Defeat your enemies by relying not only on your firepower,
     but your brains as well.
dot   Disarm mines and bombs, drive vehicles such as armored
     military trucks and tanks, access encrypted files or use
     stealth to infiltrate the enemy bases.
dot   12 challenging missions in 3 different scenarios.
dot   More than 20 hours thrilling game play.